privacy policy

Your details

When you create an account on our site, your personal details are used to generate your invoice, and are stored securely in case you wish to re-order. We do not send out unsolicited email and we do not give, or sell, your details to other parties for this purpose either.


You are given a choice to opt-in to our occasional newsletter. You can stop receiving our newsletters at any time by unsubscribing.


We offer the the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) method for you to place your order and view your order history in Your Account, so your personal details, such as credit card numbers & address, are encrypted before sending them to us. You will be sent to the SSL version of the site when checking-out - the address bar will be coloured to indicate the security of the transaction.


We use cookies to enable you to shop from any window on our site. The cookie is a tiny text file containing a number, and is sent back to us by your Internet browser each time you click "Add To Cart", so we can tell what you want to buy & add it to your shopping list.

Credit Cards

We do not store your Credit Card payment details - the payment gateway transacts them in real time when you check out, and they are not visible to our staff at any time. Credit card numbers are required to be entered each time you checkout for two reasons: firstly, we do not keep them in our website at all, and secondly, no-one else can place orders using your credit card number, or retrieve your credit card number from us, if they somehow manage to learn your username and password combination.

IP Addresses

We maintain a permanent log of all IP addresses (the unique Internet identity your PC has each time you connect) and track the links clicked whilst you travel through the site. Specific actions, such as multiple incorrect attempts to enter credit card details, are logged individually against the sale involved, and are flagged by the payment gateway fraud-detection software. Credit card numbers are confirmed with checksum/validity date algorithms at time of entry, and the issuing bank is confirmed to be from Australia via a 3rd party BIN database. We call you on the phone to confirm the address details of every credit card order made.