Can I come in to pick up an order or buy over-the-counter?

No, sorry - we only ship goods out by courier or express satchel. For security reasons, the warehouse does not allow pickups and has no cash or EFTPOS facilities on the premises.

Can you ship to my PO Box or parcel locker?

No - we use a courier that requires a signature to do a person-to-person delivery which guarantees that it gets to you safely. Please use your workplace address if you are not home during the day.

Can you ship to my country outside Australia?

We only ship to Australia, sorry - Australia Post's shipping costs from Australia to other countries are far too expensive. So, whilst you can choose places other than Australia from the checkout, we will cancel any orders for delivery outside Australia.

The checkout says you can't ship to my suburb?

If your address is in Australia, we may not yet have your postcode in our courier's list. To checkout immediately, try a nearby code, and let us know the correct postcode and suburb in the order comments. We'll add your suburb when we process the order.

How long does shipping take?

We use either Express Post bags, or Startrack, Toll Ipec, and Go-Logistics Sydney couriers - no orders are sent by regular post, so most people get next-day delivery for east-coast destinations. Things small enough to fit into airbags are normally always delivered after 1 working day.

If you are further away, eg Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, or remote rural, the courier transit time for parcels of more than 5Kg weight sent by road (Toll Ipec) will take longer, depending on the distance you are from Sydney.

Please note: If you give us an unattended address, and your parcel is sent with Startrack, they will redirect it to the post office for an additional $9.90 charge. If your parcel is bulky and has been sent with Toll Ipec Road Freight, they will redeliver for $19.80. We will deduct these redelivery charges for unattended addresses from your credit card after delivery.


What if I have given you a wrong shipping address, eg mistake in street number or postcode?

If we have not yet shipped your order, login and message us from your order, and we can correct the address. If the order has already been handed to a courier, we will try to get it re-directed, or returned to us, but we can not accept any liability, or offer any refund/replacement, should the parcel fail to be delivered to you as a result of an incorrectly-given address.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No - but be aware that freight is not included in our prices, so you may want to avoid ordering things that are worth very little on their own.

Can I get a quote for something?

Sure - just check out as usual, choose bank deposit or cheque as your payment method, so that the freight is calculated correctly. An invoice will be emailed to you. If you wish to pay by card later, send a message via the Order System, or email us, and we can take your card details over the phone.

Can I place my order by phone?

No, sorry. We could offer this, but we'd just be typing your details into the website the same way you would at the checkout - you could do it faster yourself and more accurately.

Can I call you to see if something is in stock?

We normally show products on this site that are in stock with us at our warehouse, or in stock at the nearby warehouses of our suppliers that we visit every day. If neither we, nor our suppliers, have stock of a product, it gets marked as "Preorder", which makes it clear we have none available.

The stock status on the site is updated from our inventory management app every morning, so there are the odd occasions when products sell out during the day - if you've followed a link from a price-search engine or Google, and it's telling you the product wasn't found, that means the product has sold out and is not available at the importers either.

Do your products work with Macs or Linux?

No, and maybe respectively - you need to do your own research for these O/Ses. Unless the product spec listed on our site specifically mentions compatability with your chosen Mac model and O/S version, you can safely assume it will not be Mac-compatible. Linux support varies a lot - usually there are no drivers provided for Linux by the manufacturer, and there is no way for us to test things with Linux, so please only buy from us for Linux use if you accept that products are non-returnable if you can't get them to work with Linux. Some motherboards are tested for compatability with Ubuntu in our workshop, so do a search above for Ubuntu to find them.

What does "OEM" Mean?

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer - products with OEM in their description are intended for system assembly, and do not normally come with any retail packaging. EG, OEM optical drives will just be a bare drive in a plastic bag, sometimes with software on a CD. All hard drives listed here are OEM by default. Cables are not included with any OEM drives. OEM software is normally supplied as a disc in a sleeve.

OEM Windows software is intended for installation by a system builder to a new PC that will be resold - if you purchase MS Windows OEM from us, we deem that you are responsible for being self-qualified as a System Builder. You accept this OEM license when you open the Pack. To register go to

I've seen a product priced at $0 or a tiny fraction of the usual price everyone else sells it for - will you ship it?

Suppliers will occasionally stuff-up their data and give us prices of $0 or $1 for products, when the correct price they sell for is normally higher than that. This kind of error may be passed on to our web engine, since we can't catch all these errors by hand.

Please accept that we will not fill any orders where a supplier update has resulted in an obviously-incorrect price. Due to credit card compliance requirements, payment has to be transacted at the time of ordering, which removes the opportunity for a human to review the payment amount, so paying by credit card and receiving an automated order confirmation does not constitute completion of a contract with us - we signal acceptance of an order by shipping it. Errors and omissions are excepted as part of our terms, and in these situations we will normally offer a discount off the regular price, or the option to cancel.

Can I change my delivery details or cancel my order after placing it?

Please log in and use the Messaging system in your Account.

Can I add more products to an existing order after placing it?

Credit-card PCI security compliance means we can't store your credit card details, so please place another order.

I need another copy of my invoice

Invoices are emailed to you automatically when you check out. If you need another copy, go to My Account, click on "Completed Orders". Select your order, using "View Order Details". Click "Print Invoice" located on the top-right, just under "Your Order".

If you ask for an invoice by email or phone, we will only give invoices to the person who placed the order, to protect your privacy.