Majestouch 2SS Edition Tenkeyless MX Speed Silver switch Tenkeyless

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This is for the 87TKL Model

Special Specification model with CHERRY MX Speed Silver switch

Majestouch 2. Traditional Filco high stability, durability and typing feel. Now with new innovation switch option.

We choose CHERRY MX Speed Silver switches for Majestouch 2SS Edition.
CHERRY MX Speed Silver is designed with 1.2mm actuation point and key strokes of 3.4mm. Guaranteeing the keyswitch for more than 100 million operations. It is best for gaming that requires fast input.


Choice of models in 104 key Full Size and 87 TenKeyLess size.


PBT double-shot Two-tone keycap

PBT double-shot

PBT has much better wear resistance compared to other materials used for keycaps, it is a harder and heavier in material. You can enjoy different typing feel.

Two Tone Keyset Color Scheme. The main section keys are 'Skygray' color and larger keys around are 'Asphalt' color. Legends are 'great Celeste' color

Compatible with USB and PS2

Standard Cable is USB for plug and play on Windows systems.
PS2 converter included for those who wish to use PS2 Connection.

N-key rollover

The Keyboard will recognize all keys pressed simultaneously by precise order.
Perfect for Pro Gaming and High Speed typing.

Function keys and Media keys

Fn key

Majestouch Stingray comes with a function of WIN key Lock or multimedia that you can activate by the following action.

Operation Fn + Esc Fn + F9 Fn + F10 Fn + F11
Key Tags Fn + Esc Fn + F9 Fn + F10 Fn + F11
Function Press 3 sec to restore Fn+F9/Fn+F10/Fn+F11 to the default settings Press for 1 sec, Changes Fn key and App key Press for 1 sec, Changes left Ctrl key and CapsLock key Invalidate Windows key and App key

Original LED Graphite cover


The LEDs have graphic diffusers so they won't hurt your eyes.

FILCO Majestouch 2SS Edition Product List

FILCO Majestouch 2SS Edition
Majestouch 2SS Edition
MX Speed Silver switch / Full size / US ASCII
Majestouch 2SS Edition Tenkeyless
MX Speed Silver switch / Tenkeyless / US ASCII
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