Rii K16 wireless KEYBOARD 2.4G and BT w/mouse trackpad, rechargeable

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Product Overview

  • Rii K16 wireless KEYBOARD 2.4G and BT w/mouse trackpad
  • You can pair up to 3 different devices, Android, iOS and Windows supported
  • Switch between Bluetooth (for phones) and 2.4GHz dongle (for PCs)
  • Media controls and D-Pad to either side of the mouse trackpad, 26x16.5x1cm in size.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (850mA,  standby time 500 ~ 700 hours), carry case
Laptop-style keyboard without numeric keypad, with arrow keys and directional joypad
Has media-control joypad on left, arrow/navigation joypad on right.
Mousepad on top middle of keyboard, supports left-click, scrolling and right-click with 2 fingers.
Backlight works when you press a button
Metal base and rubber feet give it a premium feel
USB charging cable and 2.4GHz dongle included
Charging via standard MicroUSB cable, red light to indicate charging, goes out when done.
Has special function keys to support Mac and Windows PC (Command key is Win key)
Has joypad and OK/Home button for Android and iOS devices.
Media volume control support varies by device and OS
Feels solid and has quality construction
Three different BT keys cater for pairing of one each of iOS, Android, and Windows PC (your PC/device will need to have BT included already)
To pair with the included 2.4GHz dongle:
Plug dongle in to device, press Mode button, light comes up on keyboard, and keyboard just works. 
No password or searching for dongle is required - better than most competitors.
To pair with BT:
Press Mode button, press the green BT "Device type" key, light comes up on keyboard, search for keyboard in your device's BT app and connect it.
If your device offers a PIN code, type it on the keyboard to complete the process.