Filco KOBO Keyboard configurator, Candy Grape Frame

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Majestouch KOBO Keyboard configurator - make your own custom keyboard with Candy Grape Frame

The Candy Grape KOBO frame features a double gloss coating, a clear rich finish, and a Filco logo decorated by Swarovski!


Key Letter Printing guide:

Top-printed keys are lettered the same as any other keyboard.

Front-printed keys (Ninja) have their letters printed on the front wall of the keys.

Both versions are supplied as the US English language format.


Switch Guide:

Blue switches have strong tactile feedback and a simultaneous click

Brown switches are a lighter-feeling version of the MX Blue switch without the audible click

Black switches are linear switches, so they have no tactile feedback unless the switch is "bottomed out". The keystroke is smooth all the way down

Red switches are almost identical to the Black switches, but have a softer spring for a much lower actuation force

Pink switches are quieter versions of the Red switches, linear no-click, lighter pressure

USB and BT keyboards (Convertible) have both USB cable and Bluetooth connectivity, and are battery-powered.

Convertible keyboards can switch between up to 4 paired computers or Bluetooth-enabled devices


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1: the keyboard is custom assembled in Japan and shipped to Australia

2: shipping time to Australia is approximately 7 working days from processing your order

3: orders may not be cancelled once placed

4: no returns for change of mind