15M HDMI 2.0 Active AOC Fibre Cable 4Kx2K 60Hz

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Product Description

Detachable HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cable

Ideal for installation through conduit and other tight spaces

Free Conduit Pulling tool supplied with each cable


This new HDMI active Fiber Optic UHD Pluggable HDMI Cable is suitable for critical and versatile installation. It supports HDMI Maximum Data Rate 18Gbps with light weight, flexible and ultra-small long-term bending radius (20mm) hybrid cable. With our advanced optical engine embedded. This HDMI Hybrid Cable provides full HDMI signal integrity, supports up to 100m maximum length, plug and play. 

It is ideal for long distance transmission in professional AV systems, indoor and outdoor digital signage and kiosks, home theater systems, surgical theaters ,facility automation systems and whenever high resolution video and audio are required .

The great advantage of this cable is the HDMI plugs on both ends can be detached. It is important when you install the cable through a conduit or a very small hole on the wall.  When you remove the HDMI plug on one side, it becomes a Micro HDMI plug, so you can use this cable as a long distance HDMI to Micro HDMI cable. It can be used for Cameras and Video Recorders to connect to the PC or laptop while it's taking photos or videos. You can also change the HDMI Plug to a DVI plug so the cable becomes HDMI to DVI, or DVI to DVI cable with the optional DVI connector.

 There is a free conduit pulling tool inside the package for pulling the cable through a long conduit. This is a unique tool first found in the market. It helps the installation a lot.


Important Notice

This is a one directional cable. There is a "Source" mark on one side of the Plug and a "Display" mark on the other. 

The "Source" end must be connected to the video source like DVD player, PC, Laptop...

The "Display" side must be connected to the TV, LCD Monitor, projector...

It will not work if connected to the wrong side.


Key Features

◆ Supports a wide range of resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (colour space 4:4:4) 3D and Deep colour

◆ Supports Multi-channel audio, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio

◆ Is HDMI compliant: EDID, CEC, HDCP (2.2), HDR (High Dynamic Range)

◆ Reduced EMI and RFI

◆ Has high pulling strength  and compression load

◆ Has Source / Display clearly printed on the connector as well as tagged on the cable for easy identification.

◆ Support 18G super speed

◆ Includes a DC cable to optionally connect an external 5V power supply (only if required, this is typically connected on the display side .) 




◆ Digital Signage

◆ LED signboards in streets and in stadiums

◆ Medical Imaging Equipment

◆ Airplane On-board Video System

◆ Home Theater

◆ Blue-ray, 3D video, Projector, Set-up box, DVR, Game Consoles and Computer

◆ TV Broadcast Station

◆ Conference Room Video Equipment

◆ Security systems







Transmitter (Source)

Receiver (Display)


HDCP2.2 Fully Support bi-directional EDID and HDCP communication

Video Bandwidth

6 Gbps /x3Channel (max)+ Clock.


Resolution & Distance

HDTV : 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p deep colour, 4K@30Hz, 4K@60Hz(4:4:4), 3D Full HD 1920 x 1080 , up to 100 meters

O/E Converter

4 channel 850 nm VCSEL array

4 CH GaAs PD array

Connector Type

HDMI type D with HDMI D/Female to HDMI A/Male Adaptor

Connector Dimension

Type D: 44.2mm x 12.7mm x 7.1mm W, D, H

Type A : 48.2mm x 20mm x 10mm  W, D, H

Pulling Tool: 55.2mm x 17.5mm x 13mm W, D, H

Cable Type

Hybrid type with OM3 fiber and copper wire

Cable Length

15m/20m/30m/40m/50m/60m/70m/80m/90m/100m (with +/-30cm tolerance) Custom length available.

Cable Outer Diameter


Jacket Outer Material


Cable Weight  TBD

Cable Weight  TBD

Cable Colour  TBD

Cable Colour  TBD

Differential Input

100 ohm (typ)

Power Consumption

250mW (max)

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